Marking Attendance for Parents and Students

Parents and students in the Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) will be required to take their own attendance in Focus starting with the second grading period.  Below are your child’s login credentials and instructions.

1. To access Focus, click on the Focus tile in Clever              

2. A window will pop up. This is how Clever stores login information. Enter your child’s username and password.  

username: student ID

password: students date of birth mm/dd/yy

*If you do not know your child's studentID, please click here to submit a request for assistance: Parent Help Request

3. Once you are directed to the Focus portal, you may have to enter the username and password again. This is normal.

4. There is a lot of extremely useful information you can access through Focus.  As an ILE parent or student, you will now be able to mark yourself present each day. Please be sure to do this every day or you will be marked absent. If you forget to mark yourself present, please contact your teacher immediately.

To mark yourself present, scroll to the bottom of the home screen. You will see a button that says “I’m Present.” Simply click on this button to mark your attendance.

You may also enter Google Classroom through this portal. Develop a routine of logging into Focus every day to mark your attendance, then accessing Google Classroom for your assignments.